Yes, You CAN Cover Up Wheel Curb Damage With RimSavers

Curb damage on a wheel never looks pretty. In fact, it can put a big hit on your car’s appearance. If you have a wheel with noticeable curb damage, there are a few ways for you to repair the damage.

1. Repair The Wheel

A repair kit is the first solution many people think of, but it’s not always the best solution.

Most wheel repair kits contain paint thinner, sandpaper, putty, primer, and paint. This solution works on deep scratches, too. However, it’s really difficult for an inexperienced person to pull off a flawless repair with a wheel repair kit. So many different things could go wrong. For instance, the color of the paint that came with the kit might not match your wheels. The smallest mistake could result in hours of extra work. Read more here about why wheel repair kits shouldn’t be your go-to solution. If you ask us, only experienced professionals should consider using a wheel repair kit.

You can consider hiring a repair specialist to get rid of the scratches. It’s not always the best idea, though. Such a service is pretty expensive, and sometimes the end result may not meet your standards.

Even if you decide to repair your wheel, it’s still a good idea to invest in a set of RimSavers to protect your rims from being scratched again.

2. Replace The Wheel

If the rim is damaged beyond repair, you can always replace the wheel. Of course, doing this costs a lot of money. Not only is a brand new wheel quite expensive, but you would also have to pay a tire shop to take care of the replacement. After all that, there’s still no guarantee that the brand new wheel won’t get damaged again. If you choose to go this route, the best way to protect your new wheel is to install a set of RimSavers to all of the wheels on your car.

3. Cover The Damage With RimSavers

RimSavers is a line of protective trim strips you can apply to your rim lips to cover up any curb damage. They come in many different colors and they protect your rims from any future scratches.

The vast majority of curb scratches don’t compromise the structural integrity of a wheel, so simply covering the damage with RimSavers is a safe solution. Not to mention, it’s also the easiest and cheapest solution.

To see how effective covering the damage with RimSavers is, check out this before/after photo of a Honda wheel with curb rash:

rim damage before cover

rim damage after cover

To read more about RimSavers and explore all of the options available, check out our official page for RimSavers.