2 Easy Ways To Give Your Front Bumper That Lowered Look

Lowering your vehicle can be a tricky and expensive project. It involves tinkering with your suspension system and having your car aligned. And possibly doing other things that could seriously mess up your car’s handling and ride quality.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of car owners shy away from lowering their vehicles. Instead, they choose to add an extension to their bumper to give their vehicle a lowered look. Without actually messing with the suspension system.

Modifying your bumper is a much safer and more affordable project than lowering the entire suspension system. Here are two ways you can do this:

1. Adding An Air Dam To Your Bumper

Adding an air dam to your bumper is probably the most common way to “lower” your bumper. It gives your car a lower, more aggressive look from head-on.

Valance example

Also called a valance, a chin spoiler, or a front splitter, an air dam is a metal or plastic extension you can bolt onto your front bumper. It extends downwards and helps to prevent turbulent air under the chassis, which enhances your car’s aerodynamics. Of course, some people install an air dam just for that lowered look.

The problem with installing an air dam, however, is that it reduces your vehicle’s ground clearance. Your angle of approach to obstacles is also lowered. This can make it hard to clear speed bumps without hitting and damaging the new lower section of your bumper.

2. Installing A Razor Lip On Your Bumper

The Razor Lip is a new, inexpensive product that just hit the market. It’s an aptly named strip of high-quality rubber that can be applied to your front bumper with premium adhesive.

A Razor Lip adds 1.5” to your bumper, giving it that sought-after lowered look. It also protects your vehicle from damage. If your bumper accidentally scrapes over a curb or something, the Razor Lip will take most, if not all, of the impact. You’ll also hear or feel the Razor Lip come into contact with an obstacle, allowing you to stop your vehicle before your bumper hits it.

The Razor Lip is flexible since it’s made of rubber. You can drive over a speed bump or curb without worrying about damaging it.

We may be biased. But we really think that the Razor Lip is a much more practical solution than a standard air dam for giving your front bumper that lowered look. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Razor Lip! You can also learn more about it here.