The History Of The Automobile Wheel

First, there were wooden wheels invented in Mesopotamia for transportation, and then bicycle wheels and wagon wheels. But here, we bring you the evolution of automobile wheels. If you’ve ever wondered how automotive wheels got to be the way they are today, this brief history is for you.

Wheel history ig

We discovered many interesting auto wheel factoids in our research, but we especially enjoyed learning these fun facts:

  • The first pneumatic tires (those that use rubber and air) appeared on an automobile during a car race in 1895; however, it wasn’t until the late 1940s that they were widely used.
  • Aluminum alloy wheels were introduced in the 1920s, but it took nearly 50 years before they were widely used wheels.
  • 43% of drivers report driving over curbs in parking lots. This is one of the many reasons we believe RimBlades and RimSavers are one of the best car accessories you can buy.

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