10 Pro Tips To Keep Your Car Feeling Brand New For Weeks

Love that euphoric feeling of driving a brand new car? Well, you can extend it over weeks with the following tips:

1. Treat Your Car To A Full Exterior Detail And A Coat Of Wax.

Most car dealerships will provide a free basic detail service when you buy a brand new car from them. Don’t call it a day when the car salesperson hands you your keys though. The basic detail job may look shiny, but it will wear off fast. A full exterior detail, along with a coat of wax, does the trick. Unlike a basic detail job, it gets your car as clean as possible and protects the finish.

You can ask the dealership to upgrade the delivery service to a full exterior detail job during the negotiation process. They want your business, so they might feel inclined to throw one in free of charge.

If you don’t feel like haggling with the salesperson or splurging on a full exterior detail job elsewhere, you can do it yourself. Some detailers suggest taking a clay bar to the brand new finish, while others consider a good quality wax to be good enough.

And don’t forget to detail your wheels. They deserve love, too. Find some tips for keeping wheels new here.

2. Wash And Wax Your Car Again A Few Days Later.

This may seem redundant, but we promise you that it’ll pay off in the long run. While one coat of wax will protect your car’s paint finish, two coats of wax will maximize the life of the factory coating.

Some car dealerships offer a “paint guarantee”, which is usually just a good coat of wax applied to your car. Skip the overpriced add-on and use the money to give your car what it actually needs: a second wash and coat of wax a few days down the road.

3. Keep The Windows And Doors Closed.

New car interior
Can’t get enough of that new car smell? Keep the car sealed up tight! That means driving with the windows up and keeping the doors closed as much as possible. The new car smell will linger as long as you also…

4. Keep Smelly Stuff Out Of The Car.

You don’t want to overwhelm the new car smell with other scents. You probably already know not to smoke cigarettes or allow your pets in your brand new car, but did you know that some subtle smells like food, perfume, or dirty shoes can also force out the new car smell?

The new car smell is finicky due to it being a mix of outgassing plastics, oils, adhesives, and new carpet, and it can dissipate quickly when you introduce a new smell to the car, however subtle it may be.

5. Cover The Carpet In Plastic.

Part of the new car smell comes from the carpet. Seal it in as long as possible with plastic carpet protectors. You can get a roll from Home Depot or another hardware store.

Plastic carpet protectors will maintain the brand-new look and smell and keep your carpet stain-free, especially during winter or spring. You can lay the plastic down and then put the floor mats on top of it.

6. Air Out Your New Rubber Mats And Liners.

Unless you want your car to smell like rubber mats, air out your brand new WeatherTech or Husky liners for a few days before putting them in your car. You can let them sit in your garage or outside (if the weather’s nice) until the smell goes away.

7. Get Your Car A Set Of RimBlades.

You’ve probably figured out by now that prevention is key when it comes to keeping your brand new car in mint condition for as long as possible. Nothing says “tired and worn out” more than scratched up wheels, especially on a brand new car. A set of RimBlades will keep your rims in tip-top shape.

8. Dry Out The Air Conditioner With The Fan.

Did you know that part of the funky “old car” smell comes from mold and mildew festering inside the AC system? Gross. The good news is that you can prevent this by adopting an easy habit. Every time you drive with the AC on, turn it off within a few miles from your destination and leave the fan on to dry it out.

9. Isolate Your Car As Much As Possible.

Your brand new car may be your pride and joy, but the sad truth is that the masses of strangers out in public couldn’t care less about it. While parked in a crowded parking lot or on the side of a street, your car is prone to door dings and scratched bumpers.

Give your car the VIP treatment and park it in a garage as often as you can. If you have no choice but to leave it in a parking lot, park it in a more unpopulated spot far away from the entrance. A little bit of walking is good for you anyways, right?

10. Don’t Tailgate Other Cars When You Drive.

We’re not trying to echo the sentiments of your high school driver’s ed teacher. This is not a comment on your driving ability, but more of a warning against dirt and grime.

Your car tires are designed to kick the road’s dirt and grime up into the air to maintain traction. Unfortunately, some of that dirt and grime will end up on the car behind you.

Unless you want that dirt and grime sprayed all over the front of your brand spankin’ new car, stay 50 to 100 feet behind the vehicle ahead when you’re going over 30 mph. While this can be a challenge in rush hour, it’s a great way to cut the amount of dirt your car collects as you drive. It also limits the amount of gravel and sand that hits your vehicle’s paint job.