3 Ways To Prevent Rim Scratches While Parallel Parking

If you think parallel parking is intimidating, you’re not alone. Like many other drivers, you have to worry about squeezing your car into a tight curbside space without hitting the cars surrounding yours. There’s also the dilemma of holding up traffic, parking too far from or too close to the curb, and scraping your wheels on the curb. It’s a job that has to be done just right each and every time. (Unlike what these drivers did.)

It’s no wonder a lot of people turn into a ball of stress when they have to parallel park!

Well, we have good news: you can eliminate scraping your rims from your long list of parallel parking woes. All it takes is a little planning ahead. We’ve got three practical solutions:

1. Buy Some Old School Curb Feelers

Curb feelers

Photo credit: Christopher Ziemnowicz

Have you ever noticed flexible metal sticks installed near the front wheel on some older cars? These are curb feelers, and their primary purpose is to scrape against the curb while parallel parking to let the driver know that the car is a safe distance from the curb.

However, having curb feelers on your car comes with a major downside: they don’t prevent your rear wheels from getting scraped up unless you put a feeler on every wheel on your vehicle.

2. Install Ultrasonic Parking Sensors

Park sensor

Photo credit: Thomas Doerfer

With an ultrasonic parking sensor system installed on your car, you’ll see the exact distance between your car and other objects, such as the curb, while parallel parking. It also comes with an audible alarm if your car gets dangerously close to the curb or another car.

To install an ultrasonic parking sensor system, you’ll have to drill holes into your car’s body and tinker with its electronic system. It’s definitely not for anyone without experience modifying their vehicle, and it might reduce the value of your car. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of messing with your car’s body and electronic system, there are better solutions…

3. Get A Set Of RimBlades

Rimblades red

RimBlades and RimSavers are great, affordable options for protecting your rims from curb scrapes. They’re easily to install (and remove if you want to switch to another color), and they’re a great way to give your vehicle a little pop of color.

Or You Can Just Park Somewhere Else

Sometimes parallel parking isn’t worth the stress and anxiety. We won’t judge you if you head to the nearest parking garage instead. After all, your rims are worth protecting.