RimBlades Ultra


Made from a flexible, proprietary material, RimBlades Ultra work on nearly any vehicle rim type. RimBlades Ultra offer a great option for covering up rim damage or protecting new rims.

  • Kit includes enough material to protect 4 wheels up to 22″ in diameter each
  • Scuffs Ultra fit most wheels, even wheels with a lip
  • Scuffs Ultra are backed by a 1 year, satisfaction guarantee

Available Colors

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue

RimBlades Ultra are for wheels with a flat edge/lip. If your rims have any raised or lowered portions, RimBlades Ultra can’t be applied. If you’re not sure if RimBlades Ultra will work with your rims, you can send us a photo to review here.


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RimBlades Ultra alloy wheel rim protectors are designed to save your rims from damage. They’ll conform to nearly all wheel shapes, including those with a slight curve or lip. Made from high quality materials, they’re easy to clean and durable.

RimBlades Ultra are flexible and easy to install, making them ideal to quickly cover up minor rim damage. They can also be used to prevent damage on new or new-to-you rims. With these unique rim protectors, you’ll be able to keep your wheels in good shape while also giving them a little style. Along with our original RimBlades, Scuffs Ultra are designed to work with nearly any vehicle make and model, while RimSavers offer even more durability.

Each RimBlades Ultra kit includes a cut-to-fit roll of material long enough to fit up to four 22” wheels, plus cleaning wipes and adhesive primer wipes to ensure a long and lasting bond to the alloy wheel surface. If you follow our DIY installation instructions – or you have your RimBlades Ultra professionally installed – there’s no need to worry about our rim protectors coming off your wheels.

The total price includes RimBlades Ultra for 4 wheels. RimSavers CLIPS WILL NOT WORK with RimBlades Ultra. No clips are available for this style.

Wheel Preview Tool

Wondering what a set of RimBlades or RimSavers will look like on your vehicle? This tool is for you!

  • Choose Body:
  • Choose Wheel:
  • Choose Color:
NOTE: This tool works best on a mobile device when viewed sideways


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