The original patented RimBlades product. Made from flexible, heavy-duty plastic, the Original RimBlades offer universal fitment and great all-round wheel protection, second only to RimSavers.

NOTE: We are currently out of black RimBlades and do not anticipate having more soon. So, please consider ordering another color.
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RimBlades alloy wheel rim protectors are our original product, the only curved stick on wheel rim protector with a unique multi-fit profile shape (designed and patented by us). They are designed to conform to nearly all wheel rim shapes, including those with a lip. Constructed from a tough, proprietary material, RimBlades are durable and easy to clean.

Other benefits of RimBlades rim protectors include the ability to easily install and remove them, making them easy to clean and replace with other rim protector models, along with the easy-to-follow installation instructions we provide. Using our unique rim protectors, you’ll be able to keep your car in good shape while complementing its overall look. Our original RimBlades products are designed to work with nearly any vehicle make and model, while RimSavers offer even more durability.

Each RimBlades kit includes a cut-to-fit roll of material long enough to fit up to four 22” wheels, plus cleaning wipes and adhesive primer wipes to ensure a long and lasting bond to the alloy wheel surface. You won’t need to worry about our rim protectors detaching from your wheels with proper installation based on our instructions.

The total price includes RimBlades for 4 wheels. RimSavers CLIPS WILL NOT WORK with RimBlades Original. No clips are available for this style.

6 reviews for RimBlades

  1. Robert F

    It installed easily and looks great. Unfortunately I don’t know if it actually protects the rim yet.

  2. Yenny On

    These worked awesome. I followed the instructions carefully. I was able to even cut them where my wheel design comes to the edge of the rim. Has been a few months now, no issues. Be sure to not drive the car for the time specified, clean, and use the primer.

  3. MT

    I hate that they are $50, but man do they work and if you follow the instructions they look great!

  4. Jet

    This is my second purchase to replace a couple of them as THEY WORKED FLAWLESSLY to protect my wheels. I love these things and they work REALLY WELL!

  5. LENN

    You get two packets: one with alcohol for cleaning and another with the prep pads. The packets look alike. Don’t get them confused or your rim blades will probably not stick completely and come off. How do I know…

  6. Curt

    I’ve had them on for almost a year now, I get lots of compliments on them. They were easy to install. Not good for installation in cold weather. Installs better when you can bend with no resistance. I would purchase again.

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