The Best Way To Protect The Wheel Rims On Your Tesla

Tesla cars are modern works of art, but they’re still not immune to curbs and other hazards on the road. Wheel damage is pretty common, and it can happen to any car, be it a Toyota Yaris or a Bugatti Veyron.

As a Tesla owner, you’re likely concerned about maintaining your unique car to keep it in tip-top shape. That involves protecting your Tesla’s wheels.

The best way to protect your wheels is to install wheel protectors. What are they, though?

Wheel protectors are durable rubber strips you can apply to the edge of the wheel. When applied correctly, wheel protectors will serve as the first line of defense against curbs and other hazards on the road.

Preventing Damage Is Cheaper Than Fixing Your Wheels

Your Tesla is an investment, but you want to keep repair costs minimal. While there are several ways to repair damaged wheels, they’re pretty expensive and time-consuming.

For example, refinishing your wheels costs a lot of money if you hire a professional to do it for you. Replacing your wheels costs even more money.

There are affordable ways to repair curb damage on your wheels. You could use a wheel repair kit, refinishing the wheels yourself, or replacing your damaged wheels with aftermarket wheels. However, none of these options are going to look good on your pride and joy.

Repairing Your Wheels May Put A Damper On Your Tesla’s Appearance

Tesla roadster

Image via Tesla

Wheel repair kits don’t always yield perfect results. It’s hard to smooth out the filler once you fill in the scratches, and the paint doesn’t always match the rest of the wheel. Even if you hire a professional to fix your wheel with a repair kit, you’d likely end up with an imperfection on your wheel. That’s not a good look on a Tesla.

A better option would be to replace all four wheels with aftermarket wheels. However, it’s not even a great option still. Replacing an OEM part on a Tesla with an aftermarket unit is considered sacrilegious by many Tesla owners. Since Teslas are already works of art, it wouldn’t be a good idea to change up a Tesla’s flawless appearance with a set of aftermarket wheels.

In a nutshell, repairing damaged wheels on a Tesla is a good way to waste money, ruin your car’s appearance, or both. It’s so much easier and more affordable to put wheel protectors on your wheels. Also, wheel protectors can even spruce up your car’s appearance.

Look No Further Than RimSavers

Tesla rimblade

RimSavers are available in 12 colors – they can contrast and accent your vehicle, or they can blend in with your wheels (see below).

If you’re looking for a quality set of wheel protectors, RimBlades is the brand you want.

RimBlades offers a unique line of wheel protectors called RimSavers. This line is unique because RimSavers are made of a proprietary UV-protected material that can withstand impacts from curbs, debris, and other hazards on the road and adequately protect the rim from scratches.

Not only are RimSavers made of durable material, but they’re also produced with top-quality adhesive. It can withstand daily driving, harsh weather, car wash equipment, and more. RimBlades offers a 1-year satisfaction guarantee on all RimSavers, too.

A set of RimSavers can accent your Tesla’s appearance (as shown above), or blend in with your wheels (as shown below). Either way, installing a set of RimSavers can save you a lot of money on wheel repairs.

Model 3 performance wheel protection strips

A set of silver RimSavers blend in almost perfectly with the wheels on this Model 3 performance.

Finding The Right RimSavers For Your Tesla

If you visit the RimSavers product page, you’ll find that RimSavers are available in at least 10 different colors, including black, which practically blends right into the tire line. If you don’t want to change the look of your Tesla, you can order black RimSavers, which will protect your wheels without standing out much. If you want a pop of color, you have nine other options.

One RimSaver kit, which costs $80, has enough material for four wheels up to 24” in diameter. Stock Tesla wheels are 19”-22” in diameter, so one set of RimSavers should be more than enough to protect your Tesla.

If you want to learn more about RimSavers or the installation process, check out our information and video here.

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