The History Of Red Line Tires

Red line tires improve both the performance and appearance of many types of vehicles, including muscle cars and bikes. While they are a common choice among car owners today, they have a long history in the automobile industry.

Here is a brief overview of red line tire history, from their inception in the ’60s to their modern-day revival.

Replacing White Sidewalls With More Appealing Red Line Tires

Colored sidewalls have been popular since the early days of automobiles, with wide whitewalls (learn more about whitewalls here) as the most popular option for vehicles prior to the early 1960s. As the years went by, sidewalls became narrower until the 3/8-inch pinstripe whitewall became the normal size. Muscle car owners in the ’60s discovered that these whitewalls could increase the power of their vehicles, but unfortunately they also detracted from the tough appearance of the car.

To help make tires with sidewalls more appealing to muscle car owners and others, GM, Ford and Chrysler designed, manufactured, and installed red line tires on their performance cars, which were based on the tires that British sports cars used. Following this change, red line tires became extraordinarily popular among consumers, which led to car companies integrating different sidewall colors in their designs.

In ’65 and ’66, Chevrolet used gold pinstripes on Corvettes with knockoff wheels. Other manufacturers used blue pinstripes on their tires at varying size specifications to meet factory needs. High-quality red line tires were (and are) a popular option, especially on contemporary muscle cars and sports cars.

Red line tires may have experienced a drop in popularity after the ’60s, but there’s been a revival.

red rimblades corvette

Vehicles That Use Red Line Tires

Chevrolet may have used gold pinstripes for their sports cars in the ’60s, but many car owners now use Corvette red line tires to increase their vehicle’s appeal.

Cars aren’t the only application for red line tires. BMX red line tires improve the appearance of these bikes. Trucks and hot rods are among the other vehicles that can use red line tires along with other colors to improve their look. They also add a contemporary twist to classic cars.

Nearly any stylized vehicle can benefit from the addition of red line tires or other sidewall colors.

Alternatives To Red Line Tires

If you don’t want to purchase red line tires, rim protectors provide protection against wheel curb rash and contribute to the vehicle’s appearance. Rim protectors offer a similar look to red line tires, and there are many different colors to match the look of your vehicle.

Unlike red line tires, rim protectors are easy to remove and replace if you want to change your vehicle’s appearance. They are compatible with nearly any tire, with customizable specifications, including different styles that offer varying levels of protection. RimBlades USA offers red along with many other colors, including silver, black, blue, yellow, pink, orange, lime, and white.

Customize your vehicle without completely changing tires. If you’re looking for a non-permanent solution to improve your vehicle’s appearance, contact RimBlades USA for rim protectors that can give your wheels the same flash as a red line tire.