5 Unbelievable Parking Fails

Have you ever tried to parallel park and felt like everyone person on the street was watching you? Have you ever gotten so worked up about it that you gave up after three attempts and drove off to park somewhere else? It can make you feel pretty foolish, but these parking fails will make you feel like Danica Patrick. Trust us.

1. Black Magic

Park fail 1

If we could have any one question answered, it’d be how the heck did this even happen?

2. Squashed Spyder

Park fail 2

That, friend, is an Audi R8 Spyder. It’s hard to look at this picture without cringing. Imagine how much it must’ve cost to fix the rim damage alone!

3. The Wrong Turn

Park fail 3

Parking garages can be confusing, but they’re not that confusing…

4. Defying The Law Of Physics

Park fail 4

Remember when you were a kid and you’d orchestrate dramatic crashes that left your Hot Wheels in strange positions? Well, someone figured out how to do that with actual cars. We can practically hear the noise the black car’s rims made as they scraped against the curb. Shudder.

5. Hole In The Wall

Park fail 5

This is not a still from Fast and the Furious. It’s a still from real life, as in someone actually crashed their car through a brick wall. The driver should be thanking their lucky stars that this mishap didn’t end in a much bigger tragedy.

What All These Cars Have In Common

Well, aside from being operated by distracted drivers, that is. What all these cars have in common is the fact that their rims probably got pretty banged up from these incredible park jobs. While not even RimBlades or RimSavers could save these 5 cars from extreme rim damage, we have to say these pics would be slightly less painful to look at if at least their rims were protected!

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