Announcing #WomenCustomizeToo


Data shows that there are more licensed female drivers than male drivers in the USA. Data also shows that women play a leading role in 85% of all vehicle purchases. Yet – somehow – the automotive accessory industry markets almost exclusively to men.

Auto accessory ads often objectify women with scantily clad models and not-so-subtle innuendo. The largest auto accessory industry event – the SEMA show – is overrun with models hired for sex appeal rather than product knowledge.

And while it may be that many of the consumers who buy auto accessories are male, our own data suggests that at least a third of auto accessories are purchased by women. Not to mention the fact that male oriented advertising begets male-dominated industry sales…perhaps if advertising wasn’t directed at men, women would be more inclined to purchase auto accessories.

In an effort to try and change the conversation, we’ve launched an ad campaign called #WomenCustomizeToo. We hope it will draw attention to the imbalance we see in our industry and encourage other auto accessory manufacturers to change their marketing. We know that women buy, own, and drive cars, and we know that they do these things at least as much as men (if not more). It stands to reason that women customize their cars, too (and we see as much on our own orders).

Please join us in sharing this message.