About RimBlades USA

For more than a decade, RimBlades USA has provided consumers with a patented wheel protection accessory that’s easy to install and looks great. Founded by Adam Dangleman, RimBlades USA has always had the same mission:

Help people protect their vehicle rims in style!

Why Wheel Protection?

Adam Dangleman

Adam Dangleman, RimBlades USA President and Founder

Our mission is to protect wheels. We started the company because we noticed two things:

  1. More and more new vehicles are being equipped with large alloy rims that are very exposed. Unlike the ‘old days’, where tires were tall and wheels were basically recessed, newer wheels often stick out further than the tire. This means that even the slightest contact with a curb leads to significant damage.
  2. Replacement wheels (especially factory replacements) are expensive and/or hard to come by. If you own a vehicle with a set of fancy factory alloy wheels, odds are good an official OEM replacement wheel will cost hundreds of dollars. And, if you’ve got a set of after-market wheels, a replacement may be impossible to find.

When something is a) vulnerable to damage and b) expensive to repair or replace, it only makes sense to protect it. That’s why we do what we do.

A Million Wheels Protected

Having been in business for more than a decade, RimBlades USA has helped hundreds of thousands of people protect their wheels from damage. Our products are popular, highly reviewed, and backed by a one year satisfaction guarantee.