Why Razor Lip For Your Bumper?

Razor Lip Installed

Give your vehicle the lowered look by adding the Razor Lip to your front bumper valance.

Because You Don’t Have To Lower Your Car To Get The Lowered Look

Lowered vehicles look great, but they can be hard to own. Lowered vehicles have trouble with driveways, parking blocks, curbs, and just about every speed bump.

So, instead of lowering your car, why not install a Razor Lip bumper strip to give your vehicle a ‘lowered’ look without all the hassle?

Razor Lip Install

More than 7 feet of Razor Lip will fully cover the valance on most vehicles.

Because It’s Inexpensive and Easy To Install

The Razor Lip from RimBlades is easy to install on your own. Each box includes an 88 inch protection strip (enough length for just about every bumper), with a premium adhesive that will form a strong bond with both plastic and painted parts. And the price is less than $50!

Razor Lip Installed

Because It Adds Some Margin For Error

Scraping your bumper or side skirts on a parking block, curb, or speed bump never feels or sounds good. With the Razor Lip installed on your vehicle, you’ve got a buffer between obstacles and scrapes or scratches.

While the Razor lip isn’t going to prevent all kinds of damage, it will give you and your vehicle a little margin of error. Razor Lip acts as a buffer to reduce the odds of a scrape or scratch, providing protection from light damage.

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Because Our 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee Means No Risk

If you buy a Razor Lip from RimBlades and you are not satisfied with your purchase, email warranty@rimbladesusa.com and we’ll make it right. Your satisfaction is our priority.