Tesla Lug Nut Covers: OEM or Aftermarket?

Are you looking for new lug nut covers for your Tesla? Wondering whether to get OEM or aftermarket lug nut covers? You’re not alone. Plenty of your fellow Tesla owners have faced the same dilemma. As any Tesla owner would know, Teslas are premium vehicles that deserve only the best parts and accessories. Which type  Read more

What Is A Better Investment? A Porsche or the S&P?

How would you like to build your fortune? With a Porsche or cash in Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 Index? We’re guessing you’re saying a Porsche. Who wouldn’t want one of their classic sports car in the garage, especially considering you can’t take your stocks out for a nice Sunday drive. (So you know, the  Read more

See Us On Two Guys Garage

If you missed us on Two Guys Garage last weekend, it’s okay. You can catch our segment on YouTube! Check it out: In this segment, show hosts Willie B and Kevin Byrd introduce our product RimSavers to the audience. To demonstrate how easy it is to install RimSavers, they outfit a yellow 2014 C7 Corvette  Read more

We’re Going To Be On Two Guys Garage This Weekend!

Here’s some exciting news: you’ll get to see RimBlades USA on TV soon! When Sunday, October 28th rolls around, be sure to tune in on SPEED Channel at 8 AM EST. That’s when our product RimSavers will make its debut. Show hosts Willie B and Kevin Byrd loved RimSavers enough to feature them in Two  Read more

Free Civic Type R Pumpkin Design

This Halloween, you could carve the typical scary-faced jack-o-lantern for the umpteenth time or you could show those trick-or-treaters just how much you love the 2018 Honda Civic Type R. It’s easy to do with the free pumpkin design template from RimBlades USA. All you need is a large pumpkin, a serrated knife, four small  Read more

Get a Load of Our New Online Wheel Preview Tool

Not sure which color RimSavers would look best on your vehicle? Worried that your gray car and bronze RimSavers might not look as cool as you’d hoped? With 10 RimSavers colors to choose from, we understand it can be a tough choice, which is why we carefully developed our new online tool to help our  Read more

Should I Put 26″ Rims On My Car?

Wheels keep getting bigger and bigger, with 26″ rims becoming a more common option. But they’re not for everybody. Depending on your vehicle, the new rims will either look really good…or really bad. If you’re thinking about upgrading to 26″ rims, there are a few things to consider. How well do they fit your car?  Read more

Need to Replace Your Lower Front Valance? You Have 3 Options

If you’ve noticed a low hanging front valance on practically every new car out there, you’re not just imagining it. It’s a pretty new trend, and it’s partially a result of federal fuel economy rules. The new fuel economy requirements encourage automakers to improve aerodynamics to boost fuel economy. One of the easiest ways to  Read more

The Pros and Cons of Having a Chin Spoiler on Your Car

If you’re toying with the idea of adding a chin spoiler to your car, you came to the right place. We’ll give you the pros and cons of having a chin spoiler. Pros of Chin Spoilers The following factors make having a chin spoiler pretty worthwhile. 1. Aerodynamics Theoretically, chin spoilers exist for aerodynamic reasons.  Read more