3 Easy Curb Rash Fixes for Black Alloy Rims

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Not all curb damage is the same. If you have chrome wheels, for example, your wheel repair process is different than if you have standard silver aluminum alloy wheels. Likewise, if you have black rims (either matte or glossy finish), your options for repairing curb damage (aka curb rash) are different. Black rims tend to…Read More

How Has The Wheel Evolved? A Brief History

“The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot. The guy who invented the other three, he was a genius.” Sid Caesar   The wheel. History says this invention became a people mover around 3200 B.C. On those ancient chariots, the cart was usually the focus of decoration and detail – the wheels were…Read More

The One Thing This Amazing Custom GT-R Needs

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Rated as 5/5 on Motor Trend and 9.5/10 on Kelley Blue Book, the 2014 Nissan GT-R has what it takes to keep up with a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or McLaren. In other words, get a Nissan GT-R if you can’t afford a Lambo. If you think this AWD supercar that pumps out 545 horsepower couldn’t ever…Read More

5 Ways to Repair Your Chrome Rims

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A shiny set of chrome wheels will turn heads on the street, but it comes with a drawback: chrome rims are difficult and expensive to repair. Unfortunately, because chrome rims are plated rather than painted, repairs are expensive and complex. Often times, it’s cheaper to replace a damaged chrome rim than it is to try…Read More

10 Pro Tips To Keep Your Car Feeling Brand New For Weeks

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The aromatic new car smell that embraces you upon entering a pristine car brings a feeling of relaxation. Love that euphoric feeling of driving a brand new car? Well, you can extend it over weeks with the following tips: 1. Upon purchase, treat your car to a full exterior detail and a coat of wax….Read More

5 Good Reasons to Avoid Wheel Repair Kits

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A wheel repair kit may seem like a quick and easy DIY solution, but even the best kit on the market can lead to a botched job. An experienced professional may pull off a flawless repair with one of these things, but for regular folks, tackling an expensive set of wheels with a cheap repair…Read More

Curb Rash Wheel Repair Costs – What to Expect

Whether you’ve misjudged your space to parallel park or bumped a curb to avoid hitting something else, your wheel may have suffered curb rash. Once you’ve given the damage a quick visual inspection, you’ll want to plan your next moves. If one of your wheels has scraped a curb and suffered damage, here’s what to…Read More

How to Prevent and Protect Rims from Curb Rash


A majority of wheel damage occurs when wheels scrape the curb. Many modern wheels have protruding edges that are particularly vulnerable to damage, with spokes that curve past the rim edge. These designs make it easy to damage wheels through curb rash, either when accidentally hitting a curb when making a tight turn, attempting to…Read More

The History of Red Line Tires

2014 Chevy Corvette with red RimBlades wheel rim protectors

  Red line tires are an ideal choice to improve both the performance and appearance of many different types of vehicles, including muscle cars and bikes. While they are a common choice among car owners today, they have a long history of use in the automobile industry. Here is a brief overview of red line…Read More

Announcing #WomenCustomizeToo

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Data shows that there are more licensed female drivers than male drivers in the USA. Data also shows that women play a leading role in 85% of all vehicle purchases. Yet – somehow – the automotive accessory industry markets almost exclusively to men. Auto accessory ads often objectify women with scantily clad models and not-so-subtle…Read More