7 Quick And Easy Ways To Give Your Vehicle A Visual Tune-Up

Looking for a way to give your vehicle some style? Maybe raise your profile a bit, but without breaking the bank? Here are seven quick and easy ways you can give your vehicle a visual tune-up. 1. Wax The Paint For about $65, you can buy: A Black & Decker Buffer/Polisher Some premium grade buffer  Read more

Tesla Wheel Options

The summer of 2020 can’t get here fast enough. That’s when the Tesla Model Y will finally hit the streets. Have you pre-ordered a Model Y or are you planning to snag one of your own as soon as summer rolls around? You may want to check out all the wheel options Tesla has for  Read more

The Fastest Model X In The World? We Think So

With 518 horsepower, Tesla’s Model X is known for straight line speed. And most Model X owners are happy with a vehicle that’s quick in a straight line…but Dr. Karen Thomas of Greer, South Carolina, wanted more. In 2018, she set out to prove a few things: Her Tesla is the fastest Model X in  Read more

Replace Your Lost Tire Valve Stem Caps And Save Money

A lot of people believe that losing a tire valve stem cap isn’t a big deal. It’s a small piece of plastic, so it can’t be that important, right? Well, the valve stem cap is actually an important part. Believe it or not, but that tiny cap helps maintain pressure in the tire. There’s a  Read more

Tips and Tricks For Getting A Great Deal On Used Rims

A brand new set of rims costs an arm and a leg, so a lot of car owners are hesitant to replace their rims. Luckily, there’s a way to save a hundreds of dollars on a set of rims – just buy used rims. Don’t knock used rims just yet. There are several ways to  Read more

Wheel Decals? Get Rim Protection Instead

Wheel decals are one of the most popular and affordable ways to spice up your ride. Do they really offer much value, though? Are there better options? Read on to find out. What are Wheel Decals? Wheel decals are basically stickers you can put on your wheels. They come in all types of designs and  Read more

Why do Tesla Model 3s Come With Plastic Hub Caps?

Have you noticed that Tesla Model 3s come with plastic hub caps? Doesn’t that seem kind of odd for such a high end car? Did Tesla overlook the hub caps while designing the Model 3? On the contrary, actually. Tesla gave the hub caps a lot of thought. It turns out that there’s a valid  Read more

Wheel Refinishing – What You Need To Know

Refinishing your wheels is a popular way to restore them, or to completely change their appearance. Whether your wheels have some gouges or they’re just old, refinishing your wheels makes them look brand new again (if done correctly, that is). You can even choose to have your wheels refinished in a color that’s different from  Read more