Why RimBlades Wheel Protectors?

Because Repairing Your Wheels Is Expensive.

Most new cars have aluminum alloy wheels, which are easy to damage yet difficult to repair. Curb damage repairs are expensive – as much as $150 a wheel – and repaired wheels don’t always look the same afterwards.

Scuffed wheel

Protect your wheels from curb damage for less than $20 per rim.

Red rimblades installed

Because They Look Great.

RimBlades are easy to install, and because they attach with adhesive you can remove them whenever you want.

RimBlades and RimSavers come in 10 colors, with red, white, and black being the most popular. You can use them to give your vehicle some extra style, or you can buy them in black so that they protect your wheels while blending in with your tires.

…But Will RimBlades Actually Stick To My Wheels?

We get this question all the time, and it comes down to adhesive. We use top-quality adhesive on our product – the same kind of adhesive that’s used to attach wheel weights. This adhesive works great as long as you follow our installation instructions to the letter.

Tape weight
Quality counts

Why Do RimBlades Cost More Than Some Rim Protectors I Found On eBay?

In a word, quality. We use top quality adhesive. We use a proprietary blend of rubber and plastic that can both absorb rim damage and stretch to prevent scratches. Our material is UV protected to reduce color fade. Our design is patented. Etc.

Obviously, quality doesn’t come cheap. But it’s our quality that allows us to guarantee your RimBlades purchase.

Because Our Satisfaction Guarantee Means No Risk.

If you buy a set of RimBlades and you aren’t satisfied with them for any reason in your first year, email warranty@rimbladesusa.com and we’ll make it right. You won’t find this guarantee on any other rim protection product.

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