Looking for help installing your new RIMSavers, Razor Lip, or RimBlades? You’ve come to the right place!

There are a couple important things you need to know:

Warning! SUPER GLUE is ONLY FOR CLIP. Do not use on the wheel surface for any reason.

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Before using alcohol wipe in the kit, clean the wheel lip with your own rubbing alcohol and a shop towel (not provided in kit). This will remove tire shine and wax.
  2. Use alcohol wipe from the kit to test and make sure the lip is clean..
  3. Apply the Promoter to lip and let set for five minutes. Don’t let it sit for more than twenty minutes.
  4. Start installing the blade by removing a small section of backing tape and sticking on the first inch. Note: Only the guide lip goes over the lip toward the tire bead. DO NOT BEND BLADE OVER EDGE.
  5. Use the guide lip to align the remaining blade and pull backing tape from under the blade as you go.
  6. Continue installing until two inches from start. Leave backing tape on so you can lay it down and measure for cut. Use sharp scissors to cut the blade. The ends should butt up with no overlap.

Or, if you’re more a visual learner, we’ve created installation videos for each product.

RIMSAVERS Installation Video

RAZOR Lip Installation Video

Still have questions about installation? Contact us – we’re happy to help!