Don’t Buy A Front Splitter For Your Honda Civic Until You Read This!

A front splitter is a rigid metal or plastic extension to your front bumper. Sometimes they are called an air dam, valance, or chin spoiler. We understand why you want to buy a front splitter for your Honda Civic. It gives your car that sporty look everyone loves and helps enhance its aerodynamics.

Honda splitter

Image Credit Danny Abad


At first, a front splitter sounds like a great idea for anyone looking to give their car that lowered look. Especially since you don’t have to mess with the suspension system. But it’s not really the best modification as far as your Civic’s ground clearance goes.

The Drawbacks Of A Front Splitter On Your Civic

As a sports sedan (or coupe), the Honda Civic’s ground clearance isn’t that high to begin with. Depending on the brand, a splitter adds about two to four inches to the bottom of your Civic’s front bumper. This reduces your ground clearance to a few inches, which is quite problematic. There are things you have to do to protect your splitter.

A front splitter has a rigid structure. That makes it hard to drive:

  • Over rolled driveway curbs.
  • Up or down steep driveways.
  • Over speed bumps.
  • Into parking lots.

All these obstacles can scrape, damage, or even break off the splitter. Also, a front splitter is pretty expensive and installation can be time-consuming.

The Razor Lip: A Good Alternative

Front split

Luckily, installing a front splitter isn’t the only way to add some volume to the bottom of your front bumper. You can get a Razor Lip, which is a bumper lip made of premium rubber. It installs on your front bumper with high-quality adhesive. A Razor Lip adds 1.5” to your bumper. But it doesn’t reduce your car’s ground clearance at all. It’s flexible and can bend back when making contact with a curb, speed bump, or something else.

The Razor Lip is an inexpensive but reliable alternative to buying and installing a new front splitter on your Civic. Why spend several hundred dollars to add a front splitter that will make your Civic harder to drive every day. Why not add a Razor Lip to your existing front bumper instead? You’ll get a cool front-end look without spending a lot of money, and without any worries about curb/speed bump damage or scrapes. Win-win.