Silicone License Plate Holder


RimBlades’ high quality silicone license plate holders come in three colors; Red, Black and Grey.

  • Eliminate license plate rattle
  • Add style without obscuring plate numbers or tags
  • Looks better and lasts longer than plastic or metal

This holder fits most standard sized (6” x 12”) plates and can be installed using your existing hardware.

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Eliminate rattles, protect paint, and some style to your vehicle with a silicone license plate holder from RimBlades!

Regular old plastic plate holders can fade and crack over time, while metal plate holders can rust, scratch, and fade. But our silicone license plate holders (available in three colors; red, black and grey) won’t fade, crack, or scratch. Our silicone license plate holder is heat and cold resistant, won’t rattle like metal or plastic, and because it doesn’t rattle it can’t scratch your paint.

RimBlades Silicon License Plate Holders:

  • All but eliminate license plate rattle
  • Won’t obscure the plate number or tags like many license plate holders
  • Lasts much longer than a typical plastic or metal holder
  • Look great!

Our holder fits most standard sized (6” x 12”) plates in North America and are easily installed using your existing hardware.