Wheel Adhesive Removal Kit


When replacing your RimBlades or RimSavers, adhesive may be left behind on your wheels. While you can remove this remaining glue with adhesive remover and elbow grease, our new drill-mounted adhesive removal wheel makes it easy!

The wheel is a semi-soft piece of rubber that won’t scratch or scuff your wheels. The red plastic scraper blades make quick work of any ‘goo’ on your wheels as well, without any potential for wheel damage.

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Replacing your RimBlades? Save time with our wheel adhesive removal kit. This drill mounted wheel is made from a soft compound that can remove adhesive quickly and without damaging your wheels.

The kit includes:

  • 4-inch adhesive removal wheel made from semi-soft rubber that won’t scratch your wheels
  • 5/16″ 24 thread arbor width drill bit attachment (drill with adjustable chuck required)
  • 4 plastic razor scraper blades

The wheel works well to remove wheel adhesive, as well as decals, pin stripes, and stickers on your paint. Because the wheel is made from a soft rubber compound, it can remove adhesive without damaging the surface of your wheels or your vehicle.

As the removal wheel is used, it wears down. Once it wears to the “stop line,” the adhesive removal wheel can no longer be used. The wheel will work effectively up to 2500 RPMs, which is perfect for most portable electric drills.