Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheels Really Work

In 2017, Tesla rolled out aero wheels with the Model 3 line. Aero wheels are true to their name. They actually improve aerodynamics. What are aero wheels exactly and how do they improve aerodynamics and your Tesla’s efficiency? Read on to find out.

What are Tesla Aero Wheels?

Aero wheel

Tesla’s innovative aero wheels are basically regular wheels with aero caps. They offer a unique appearance with the rims being flush with the tire sidewalls.

This unconventional design makes the aero wheels about 10% more efficient than conventional Tesla wheels. More specifically, aero wheels reduce drag and increases efficiency (as in miles per gallon equivalent, or MPGe).

Aero wheels come with every Tesla Model 3 free of charge.

How do Aero Wheels Help Improve Efficiency?

Because aero wheels are flush with the tire, they provide a flat and smooth surface that keeps the airflow out of the wheels. With conventional wheels, some of the air flows into the wheel barrel, creating drag. Aero wheels block out the air and instead force it to flow past the wheels. This reduces drag, which in turn increases the vehicle’s efficiency.

Another important factor that increases efficiency is the weight of the wheels. The wheels on Tesla 3 models are lighter than the wheels on other models, even with the aero caps on. The less your wheels weigh, the less effort it takes to get your car moving. In other words, this improves your Tesla’s efficiency.

The Downside of Aero Wheels

Black Tesla wheel

Aero wheels may look amazing and function beautifully, but they come with a major downside: high susceptibility to curb damage. Since the rim of an aero wheel is flush with the sidewall of the tire, it’s so much easier to scratch up aero wheels than regular wheels if you accidentally scrape them against a curb.

When you take into consideration how aesthetically pleasing Teslas and aero wheels are, curb rashes can be quite an eyesore.

Luckily, there’s an easy and affordable way to prevent curb rashes on aero wheels (or any wheel, for that matter): RimSavers.

Tesla with rimsaver

RimSavers are protection strips made out of a durable material that adheres to the lip of the rim. RimSavers serve as the first line of defense when you scrape your wheel against the curb. It even works on aero wheels. RimSavers add a layer of protection between your wheel and the curb, making it nearly impossible for the wheel to come in contact with the curb. Since RimSavers come in many different colors, they add a whole lot of style to your Tesla, as well.

Read more about RimSavers here. Get yours today!