The Pros And Cons Of Having A Chin Spoiler On Your Car

If you’re toying with the idea of adding a chin spoiler to your car, you came to the right place. We’ll give you the pros and cons of having a chin spoiler.

Pros Of Chin Spoilers

mustang Spoiler

Image Credit: chopperchunk

The following factors make having a chin spoiler pretty worthwhile.

1. Aerodynamics

Theoretically, chin spoilers exist for aerodynamic reasons. On race cars, chin spoilers help control airflow and reduce drag. They also have some stabilizing benefits at higher speeds. However, there’s some debate here because:

  • Race car aerodynamics are as much art as science.
  • Chin spoilers aren’t for every vehicle. Some race cars have them and some don’t.

Basically, chin spoilers are most effective on performance cars driving at high speeds. They’re not so effective on daily drivers when it comes to aerodynamics.

2. Looks

A chin spoiler on a daily driver is mostly just for looks. By adding more volume to the bottom of your bumper, a chin spoiler gives your car a custom, aggressive appearance that will turn heads on the street.

Spoiler before afer

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Cons of Chin Spoilers

1. No Increased Aerodynamic Efficiency At Slow Speeds

On a personal vehicle that’s driven on the street, spoilers likely have few (if any) aerodynamic benefits.

2. Cost

Depending on the type of chin spoiler you get for your car, it can cost a pretty penny. It’s not unheard of for a chin spoiler to cost over $600. However, you can get a bumper protection strip, at a fraction of the cost of a chin spoiler. (You can read more about bumper protection strips below.)

3. Difficult Installation

Most chin spoilers are difficult to install. Bumper protection strips are generally easy to install, as you only have to peel off the adhesive backing and then stick the strip to your bumper. Chin spoilers made of hard material (such as aluminum or plastic) require a lot of drilling and fastening, and your car usually has to be lifted first. It’s a process that needs to be done right the first time because you’ll be altering the body of your car. One wrong move can end up costing a lot of money to fix.

Options For Chin Spoilers

If you’re interested in getting a chin spoiler for your car, you have several options:

1. Aluminum Or Carbon Fiber Splitter

Carbon spoiler

Image Credit: c6performance

Chin splitters made of aluminum or carbon fiber look incredible. But they can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and they’re very vulnerable to damage. Carbon fiber can shatter, and metal splitters are easily bent. So you have to be extremely careful not to hit anything while driving your car.

2. Plastic Splitter

Plastic spoiler

Image Credit: AmericanMuscle

Plastic is a good material for this use, generally speaking, but it doesn’t always look great and it’s sort of limited in terms of design. ABS plastic splitters can increase your car’s aerodynamics (at high speeds) and offers adequate protection. But, it can’t be made thin enough to give your vehicle the look of a “real” splitter.

3. Fiberglass Splitter

Fiberglass spoiler

Image Credit: AMCLives

Fiberglass looks great, but it’s heavy and it cracks easily. It’s definitely not something you’d put on a race car, and on a daily driver you have to be very careful to avoid damaging it.

4. Bumper Protection Strip

Razor lip installed

Instead of splurging on a splitter that may break right away, get a bumper protection strip that gives your vehicle a ‘lowered’ or ‘race ready’ look. Different bumper protection strips have different pros and cons. But, generally speaking you want one that is:

  • Light enough to be attached without mounting screws.
  • Flexible so it’s easily installed.
  • Affordable so it’s easy to replace if/when it’s damaged.

The Razor Lip is a great option for anyone interested in upgrading the look of their vehicle without making a big investment. The Razor Lip:

  • Is easy to install.
  • Doesn’t require any mounting hardware or screws.
  • Offers some protection from bumper scrapes and damage.
  • Looks great.
  • Is very affordable, as it costs less than a tank of gas.

Learn more about the Razor Lip here.