7 Quick And Easy Ways To Give Your Vehicle A Visual Tune-Up

Looking for a way to give your vehicle some style? Maybe raise your profile a bit, but without breaking the bank? Here are seven quick and easy ways you can give your vehicle a visual tune-up.

1. Wax The Paint

For about $65, you can buy:

  • A Black & Decker Buffer/Polisher
  • Some premium grade buffer polisher pads
  • Liquid wax
  • Some microfiber towels

Once your order arrives, give your vehicle a wash and then start waxing.

Since you’re using a power tool to spread the wax, the whole project takes about an hour. If done right, the results are awesome. A few tips:

  • Don’t use too much wax.
  • Don’t press down when you run the buffer/polisher. You barely need any pressure to get good results.

2. Add A Set Of RimSavers To Your Wheels

tesla Rimsavers closeup

RimSavers are durable strips you can apply to the edge of your wheels. Here’s what they look like:

RimSavers come in a variety of fun colors, including:

  • Red
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Lime
  • White
  • Bronze
  • Dark gray
  • Purple

They’re a great way to dial up your car’s appearance. They also serve another purpose. It is to protect your rims from curbs and other things that could scratch up your rims.

3. Buy A Vinyl Decal Kit

Vinyl decal kits are:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Drastic enough to dramatically change the way your vehicle looks

Some vinyl decals can give your interior a carbon fiber look. Some will change the shape of your side marker lights to show a logo or a word. There are also larger decals for hoods and rocker panels. You can even get small stripe decals for your wheels (although there’s a better alternative).

4. Add Some Anodized Aluminum Valve Stem Caps

Stem caps colors

Tire shops almost always give you cheap plastic valve stem caps. If you want to add some color to the tires, you can replace the plastic caps with anodized aluminum valve stem caps.

A good set of aluminum caps will not only make your tires look good, but they’ll also provide more protection than a plastic cap ever could.

We sell a good quality set of valve stem caps that:

  • Look great
  • Compliment our lug nut covers and RimSavers
  • Don’t break the bank (a set is only $4.99)

5. Install Lug Nut Covers

orange Lug covers

Lug nut covers add some color to your rims. They also protect your lug nuts from corrosion. You can score a set of lug nut covers in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Green
  • White

Believe it or not, but many newer vehicles have issues with lug nuts swelling up and becoming difficult to remove. This happens if:

  • You or someone else used an impact wrench to install the lug nuts
  • The lug nut manufacturer used more than one material to make the lug nuts

You can learn more about this swelling problem here. A good set of lug nut covers (like RimBlades product) will prevent this issue.

6. Paint Your Tire Letters

You can paint the letters on your tires using a special pen. If done right, the end result will be awesome. You can go with a traditional white paint, or you can try some other colors for a custom look. The paint is inexpensive, so it offers a lot of bang for your buck. Learn more about tire lettering paint here.

7. Add A Razor Lip To Your Front Bumper

Razor lip

The Razor Lip is an easy and inexpensive way to add a lowered look to your car. A big drawback to lowering your car is the decrease in ground clearance. You don’t have to worry about that with a Razor Lip.

The Razor Lip is a strip of durable material you can attach to your front bumper and/or side skirts.

Only a few small changes to your car will transform its appearance. Did you use any of the ideas in this list? We’d love to see them on Facebook!