Wheel Decals? Get Rim Protection Instead

Wheel decals are one of the most popular and affordable ways to spice up your ride. Do they really offer much value, though? Are there better options? Read on to find out.

What are Wheel Decals?

Rim sticker

Wheel decals are basically stickers you can put on your wheels. They come in all types of designs and colors. Some wheel decals are weatherproof, while others aren’t. Also called rim decals, wheel decals can be installed pretty much anywhere on the wheel: the spokes, barrel, wheel center caps, along the circumference of the wheel, etc.

People affix wheel decals to their wheels mainly to change up the appearance of their cars. It’s also pretty common for people to use decals to cover up damage or blemishes on their wheels, too.

Wheel Decals are Missing One Big Factor

As great as wheel decals are, they’re purely a cosmetic upgrade. They exist only to change up the appearance of your rims. That means wheel decals don’t offer any sort of protection against curbs, rocks, or other debris on the road. Wheel decals are also hard to remove.

Is There Such a Thing as Wheel Decals That Offer Protection?

If you’re looking for wheel decals that can protect your wheels from curbs, you might be pleased to hear that such a thing exists! They’re technically not wheel decals, though. They’re called something else: rim edge protectors.

Basically, rim edge protectors are like wheel decals on steroids. In other words, they sport a raised surface, which enables the rim edge protector to be the first thing that comes in contact with the curb. This design puts the rim edge protector in the first line of defense against the curb. A rim edge protector that’s made of durable, high quality materials will successfully protect the wheel without allowing the curb to tear through and scrape up the wheel.

Tesla savers

Red RimSavers along the lip of the rim

Rim edge protectors are applied like decals. You’re supposed to apply them to the wheel along the entire circumference. High quality rim edge protectors come with strong adhesive like a high bond tape.

The great thing about rim edge protectors is that they can be used along with wheel decals. So if you’ve got your heart set on a wheel decal design, you can get matching rim edge protectors to add a layer of protection to your wheels without sacrificing their appearance!

If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable rim edge protector brand, look no further than RimSavers. It’s the best brand on the market because:

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