Don’t Want To Use A Cheap Lowering Kit? Try This Safe Alternative.

Every DIY car enthusiast knows that high-quality lowering kits are pretty expensive. There are cheap lowering kits for those on a budget, but these kits actually do more harm than good.

The Downsides Of Using a Cheap Lowering Kit

Tire wear

Image Credit: TestingAutos

There are lots of reasons to lower your car (or give it a lowered look – like this). And there are many reasons to avoid installing a cheap lowering kit on your car. Here are the most common ones:

  • Poor ride quality: In a typical cheap lowering kit, you’ll find inexpensive generic springs. These are meant to replace carefully calibrated OE springs. While this will save you (and the kit manufacturer) money, using generic springs often ruins a vehicle’s ride quality. That’s because springs should be designed for a specific vehicle. Engineers take into account the vehicle’s weight, intended use, suspension geometry, and so on.
  • Difficult alignment: Vehicles with cheap lowering kits can be hard (or impossible) to align to spec. The shop will try their best to properly align your vehicle, but the outcome won’t be perfect. As a result, your vehicle won’t be aligned properly, which leads to…
    • Premature and uneven tire wear: A bad alignment will lead to premature tire wear. This will cost you hundreds of dollars or more, depending on how quickly the tires wear out. Your tires will also wear out unevenly, which increases the chance of a blow-out.
    • Bad handling: This is caused by a bad alignment, too. Your car won’t handle as well as it did with stock springs.

In a nutshell, don’t mess with your OEM springs unless you have a good quality lowering kit. Would you love that lowered look, but just don’t have the funds for a good kit? We have good news: there’s a way to make your car look lowered without either breaking the bank or messing with your OEM springs.

A Good Alternative: The Razor Lip

Razor lip

The Razor Lip is a cutting-edge RimBlades product that gives your vehicle that lowered look without costing an arm and a leg. It’s basically a high-quality rubber protection strip. It mounts to your vehicle’s front lower valance with extremely strong adhesive.

The Benefits Of Using A Razor Lip

Dialing up your vehicle’s appearance with a Razor Lip comes with many benefits:

  • Affordability: A cheap lowering kit costs about $500 and leaves you with some expensive problems. A Razor Lip costs only $35-$50 and it leaves your suspension system and alignment intact.
  • Easy installation: All you need to do is:
    • Wipe the backside of the lower valance clean.
    • Peel off the adhesive backing a few inches at a time.
    • Position the Razor Lip onto the backside of the lower valance.

There’s no need to lift your vehicle or take apart your suspension system. There are zero risks associated with installing a Razor Lip on your vehicle.

  • Protection from damage: Not only does a Razor Lip improve the appearance of your vehicle, but it also serves as a ‘buffer’ from damage. Because of its location between the valance and obstacles, it allows you to feel the obstacle before your valance actually hits it.

To learn more about the Razor Lip (and to see more pictures of it), check it out here.