Tesla Wheel Options

The summer of 2020 can’t get here fast enough. That’s when the Tesla Model Y will finally hit the streets.

Have you pre-ordered a Model Y or are you planning to snag one of your own as soon as summer rolls around? You may want to check out all the wheel options Tesla has for this model. First, let’s talk about how awesome the Model Y will be.

So What Is The Model Y All About?

Tesla Y
Image Credit: Tesla

If you’re looking for a simple description of Tesla’s newest model, it’s a crossover/SUV based on the same platform as the Model 3 sedan. In other words, the Model Y is the newest affordable Tesla to hit the market. Compared to Model 3), the Model Y:

  • Is taller
  • Has a hatchback design
  • Contains more high-strength steel
  • Has more interior cargo room
  • Has optional third row seating

Buyers of the Model Y have four trim levels to choose from:

  • Long Range Rear Wheel Drive
  • Long Range All Wheel Drive
  • Performance All Wheel Drive
  • Standard Range (delivery in 2021)

In a nutshell, the Model Y is worth every penny. It not only turns heads on the road, but it also offers:

  • An incredibly long range on a single charge
    • The Long Range trim level can last up to 300 miles on a single charge
    • The Performance trim level can last up to 280 miles on a single charge
  • Seating for up to 7 people with its optional third road seating
  • Astonishing performance
    • The Long Range trim level can go as fast as 135 MPH and 0-60 in 4.8 seconds
    • The Performance trim level can go as fast as 150 MPH and 0-60 in 3.5 seconds

Early Reviews Of The Model Y

We’re not the only ones waiting with bated breath until the Model Y makes its grand appearance. A few lucky ducks got to try out the Model Y before everyone else. Here’s what they have to say:

“With the huge panoramic moonroof and large side windows, the Tesla Model Y has a sense of freedom.” – Miguel Cortina, MotorTrend

“The acceleration up the straightaway was impressive, but not ludicrous. Indeed, the driver confirmed that we were not in a Performance-spec Model Y. Nonetheless, it maintained a healthy clip that threw the driver and four passengers back into our seats. Good luck finding a quicker crossover.” – Kyle Field, ClearTechnica

“Thanks to [the Model Y’s] low centre of gravity – due to the battery packaging – handling appears class-leading for a mid-size SUV and the performance will satisfy point-and-squirt addicts.” – Adam Hay-Nicholls, GQ

The Wheel Options For The Tesla Model Y

Image Credit: Tesla

We could spend hours ogling the Model Y, and we would spend most of that time on the wheels. To say that Tesla stock wheels are a work of art would be an understatement. For the Model Y, Tesla offers two options:

1. Aero Wheel

Tesla’s aero wheel made its debut on the Model 3. We were so thrilled to find out that Tesla decided to carry it over to the Model Y. It’s the stock option on the Long Range trim level. All Model Y aero wheels are 18 inches, and they weigh 25 pounds each.

2. Sport Wheel

Tesla’s 20 inch diameter sport wheel comes standard on the Model Y Performance trim level. Those who purchased the Long Range trim level can switch to 19″ sport wheels for an extra $1,500. This ten-spoke sport wheel is a little heavier than the aero wheel at 28.75 pounds. Yet, it’s still lighter than most wheels out there.

We love everything about the sport wheel. It’s a neat mashup of the Slipstream and Turbine wheels from the Model X. We’re really digging the design.

Spruce Up Your Tesla Model Y Wheels With RimSavers

Red RimSavers on an Aero wheel. 

Like any Tesla wheels, the aero wheels and sport wheels are great investments. When you get your brand new Model Y, it’s wise to install RimSavers on them. RimSavers will protect your Tesla wheels from curbs. They’ll also dial up your Tesla’s appearance.

Will RimSavers Fit My Tesla Wheels?

You can only apply RimSavers to flat surfaces. That being said:

  • You can apply RimSavers to Tesla aero wheels. These wheels are pretty flat, so you shouldn’t have a problem applying RimSavers to them.
  • You can apply RimSavers to Tesla sport wheels. While most of the wheel isn’t flat, it’s still flat on the rim.
  • ATTENTION. Unfortunately our products will not fit Gemini wheels. The outer lip is too thin.

Got any questions about Tesla wheels? Please reach out to us.