Best Tesla Model 3 Wheel Protection – Don’t Let Your Wheels Get Curbed!

Not only is the Tesla Model 3 a comfortable and reliable car, but it’s also a design masterpiece. Both the sport wheels and the aero wheels on a Tesla Model 3 really complement the perfectly designed car’s appearance.

Red Tesla Model 3 with aero wheels

Here’s a set of the standard aero wheels without any rim protection.

The Tesla Model 3 looks so great that even the smallest imperfection can damper its entire appearance. Imperfections like curb rashes. Quite simply, damaged wheels look bad, and they’re expensive to fix.

The Cost of Repairing or Refinishing Your Tesla Model 3 Wheels

There are two things you can do to fix a damaged alloy wheel:

  • Pay a professional to refinish your wheels, which costs anywhere from $75-$150 per wheel
  • Use a DIY alloy repair kit, which costs about $50

Professional wheel repair is usually pretty good, but you can usually still see the repair if you know where to look.

DIY repairs are hit or miss – if you’ve got the right tools, the right touch, and a good amount of patience, you can get good results. But if your kit doesn’t come with the right paint color or things don’t go your way, it can look like a DIY repair job.

NOTE: We’ve written more about repairing Tesla wheels here.

What About Replacing Your Model 3 Wheels?

Even though new OE Tesla wheels are fairly costly, replacing a damaged wheel may be best. If the wheel is deeply gouged or part of the rim is missing, a repair probably isn’t going to solve your problem.

You can find a used rim in good shape for $100-$300 per wheel (or so), while brand new wheels cost $200-$500. Shipping may or may not be included in these costs, and there’s also the cost of removing and replacing the tire when you get your rims. You can also sometimes find a great deal on a set of 3 wheels, only you’ll have to watch Craigslist, eBay, and the Tesla forums to do it.

Prevent Wheel Damage With RimSavers

Because repairing and/or replacing a Tesla Model 3 wheel is so costly, it makes all the sense in the world to invest in rim protection. RimSavers are our very best DIY wheel protection product, with excellent protection against incidental contact with a curb. For $79 you can outfit all four of the wheels on your Tesla with extremely durable protection strips that prevent curb rash.

Model 3 performance wheel protection strips

A set of silver RimSavers blend in almost perfectly with the wheels on this Model 3 performance.

Available in a few different colors, you can either try and blend the RimSavers with your wheels so they’re sort of “invisible,” or you can use them as styling accent.

Red RimSavers on Aero Wheel

Close-up of red RimSavers on an aero wheel. Be sure to note the thickness of the wheel rim protection.

Either way, RimSavers come in 12 different colors. Ordering a set that compliments or contrasts with your vehicle is easy, and can be a unique styling accessory too.

Tesla protection1

What’s great is you can also use RimSavers on your wheels if you decide to remove the aero wheel covers. It’s a very versatile product.

Tesla protection3

Don’t Want to Change the Look of Your Tesla’s Wheels?

Some Tesla owners want to maintain the subtle, sleek look of their Tesla. Luckily, there are RimSavers that will match the color of your aero wheel covers or the wheel itself.

Tesla protection4

The dark gray RimSavers are a very close match to the gray used in the aero wheel covers. So if you are looking for rim protection that doesn’t change the look of your Tesla’s wheels – and you’ve got the aero covers installed – the dark gray RimSavers are a good way to go.

If you’ve decided to remove the aero covers and you want to protect your wheels without changing the look, black is the way to go. The black RimSavers are a very close match to the charcoal gray color of the actual wheel. For the Tesla sport wheels, the silver or black might be the right choice.

Tesla protection5

Installing RimSavers is Easy

Since RimSavers come with high-quality adhesive and two pre-installation preparation aids, they stay on the wheel as long as they’re installed correctly.

Tesla protection6

Luckily, installing a set of RimSavers on your car is so easy anybody could do it with this set of instructions.

Don’t Forget to Cover Your Lug Nuts Too

If you decide to keep the aero covers off your wheels or are rolling on Tesla sport wheels, you might want to think about covering the lug nuts to protect them from moisture and corrosion (there’s such a thing as lug nut swelling , if you can believe it). Check out our silicone lug nut covers here. They come in many different colors, including black. Take a look at how nice black lug nut covers look on Tesla wheels:

Lug nut covers for Tesla Model 3

21 mm lug nut covers are a perfect fit for your Tesla’s wheel lug nuts, and add a nice look to your wheels.

Got any questions about protecting your aero covers or Tesla wheels with RimSavers and/or lug nut covers? You’re more than welcome to contact us.