A Brief Corvette History

With the new C8 Corvette hitting the market in early 2020, it’ll be the first mid-engine Corvette the world has ever seen. That is, if you don’t count all the prototypes Zora Arkus-Duntov churned out half a century ago. Zora Arkus-Duntov was known as the father of the Corvette, even though he didn’t invent it.  Read more

C8 Corvette Wheel Options – What We Know

Attention, all Corvette fans! Feast your eyes on the new C8 Corvette: The 2020 C8 with the Q8P wheels You’re looking at the most powerful Corvette yet. This bad boy can produce up to 495 horsepower and about 470 foot pounds of torque. It can go from zero to 60 mph in only 2.8 seconds,  Read more

Deep Dish vs. Regular Rims – What’s The Difference?

You’ve probably heard of deep dish rims. If you’re wondering what deep dish rims are, you came to the right place. This guide will answer all the questions you may have about deep dish rims and how they differ from regular rims. What are Deep Dish Rims? Also called deep dish wheels, deep dish rims  Read more

Wheel Offset and Backspacing Chart

Looking for a good explanation on wheel offset and backspacing? You’re not alone. These can be pretty confusing terms, which is why we put together this handy guide on what these terms mean. What is Wheel Offset? Image Credit: FordAuthority The wheel offset is the distance between the wheel mounting surface and the centerline of  Read more

Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheels Really Work

In 2017, Tesla rolled out aero wheels with the Model 3 line. Aero wheels are true to their name. They actually improve aerodynamics. What are aero wheels exactly and how do they improve aerodynamics and your Tesla’s efficiency? Read on to find out. What are Tesla Aero Wheels? Tesla’s innovative aero wheels are basically regular  Read more

Can You Spot The Difference In These Porsche 911s?

With seven generations comes dozens, maybe even hundreds, of design changes (large and small) to the body of the famous Porsche 911. In this new graphic, we go all the way back to 1964 and narrow down those design changes to just a few of the most notable ones. To our eye, the front end  Read more

How to Remove RimSavers From Your Wheels

Even if you love the set of colorful RimSavers on your wheels, you may need to remove them at some point. The good news is that RimSavers are removable. This guide will show you how to remove RimSavers in a matter of minutes. The Most Common Reasons to Remove RimSavers There are several reasons to remove RimSavers  Read more

Do RimSavers or RimBlades Stay On?

Oftentimes, our potential customers wonder if RimSavers or RimBlades will stay on their wheels after installation. We’re happy to report that, yes, RimSavers and RimBlades are designed to stay on the wheel if installed correctly. Even if you accidentally scrape your wheel against the curb, your wheel protector will stay put (while protecting your wheel from the curb). It’s  Read more

Yes, You CAN Cover Up Wheel Curb Damage With RimSavers

Curb damage on a wheel never looks pretty. In fact, it can put a big hit on your car’s appearance. If you have a wheel with noticeable curb damage, there are a few ways for you to repair the damage. 1. Repair the Wheel A repair kit is the first solution many people think of,  Read more