Tesla Lug Nut Covers: OEM Or Aftermarket?

Are you looking for new lug nut covers for your Tesla? Wondering whether to get OEM or aftermarket lug nut covers? You’re not alone. Plenty of your fellow Tesla owners have faced the same dilemma.

As any Tesla owner would know, Teslas are premium vehicles that deserve only the best parts and accessories. Which type of lug nut covers offers the most value: OEM or aftermarket? Each one has its own pros and cons, so it really depends on your needs.

To help you reach an educated decision, let’s cover the 5 most important factors to consider when shopping for lug nut covers:

1. Cost

Tesla’s OEM wheel cap covers are somewhat expensive. One set is about $50. You can save more than half of that by purchasing aftermarket lug nut covers. For example, a set of high-quality RimBlades lug nut covers is only 20 bucks.

2. Variety Of Options

Tesla offers limited options for lug nut covers. For example, there’s only one set available for the Model 3, and it’s black. If you want a different color or design from what Tesla has to offer, the only way is to go the aftermarket route.

Lug nut cover colors

RimBlades has lug nut covers in a variety of sizes and colors, including blue, red, purple, green, yellow, pink, orange, white, and black.

3. Installation/Removal

Tesla covers removal
Lug nut covers can be tricky to install or remove. Take Tesla’s OEM lug nut covers, for instance. They require a special lug nut cover puller tool, which needs to be used every time your wheels are removed or rotated. It can be quite inconvenient if the shop technician doesn’t have the lug nut cover puller tool on hand.

If you want to make installation and removal as easy as possible, then aftermarket is your best option. Heavy-duty silicone lug nut covers (like the ones made by RimBlades) can be rolled on and off. No special tools are required.

4. Level Of Protection

A big reason people install lug nut covers is to protect their lug nuts from pitting and corrosion. Tesla’s lug nut covers seem to provide a lot of protection. However, like all lug nut covers made from hard materials, they can get warped from an impact air gun. This typically results in water and dirt creeping underneath the lug nut covers and warping them. You can read more information on this here.

If protection is your utmost concern, then your best bet is a set of heavy-duty silicone lug nut covers. They won’t warp and they will always protect your lug nut covers from dirt, moisture, and road debris.

5. Quality

When you buy OEM Tesla lug nut covers, you know that you’re getting high-quality covers. Aftermarket lug nut covers (especially those available on eBay and Amazon) are usually cheaply built. However, not all aftermarket lug nut covers are low quality.

orange lugnut covers installed

RimBlades lug nut covers are made of durable heavy-duty silicone. It is strong enough to withstand the most extreme temperatures from braking and all kinds of road debris. In fact, RimBlades is so confident in the quality of their lug nut covers that they offer a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

In A Nutshell

When reaching a decision between OEM and aftermarket lug nut covers, some factors should come into play. Such factors include cost, ease of installation/removal, quality, variety of options, and level of protection.

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